Central European Midday Report: "National Mourning, Diplomatic Talks, and Musical Wishes: Recent Events in Europe"

Central European Midday Report: "National Mourning, Diplomatic Talks, and Musical Wishes: Recent Events in Europe"


National Mourning for Patriarch Neofit's Passing: The nation mourns the loss of His Holiness the Bulgarian Patriarch and Sofia Metropolitan Neofit, who passed away on March 13 after battling a prolonged illness. To pay respects, the Chairman of the National Assembly, Rosen Zhelyazkov, visited the Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, presenting a bouquet of white flowers at the mortal remains of the Patriarch. As per the decision of the Holy Synod, a requiem holy liturgy and service will take place tomorrow, March 16, at 9:30 a.m. The solemn occasion will witness a liturgical procession transferring the Patriarch's remains from the Patriarchal Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Nedelya for eternal rest.

Kosovo Prime Minister Discusses Central Bank Regulation with U.S. Official: Kosovo Prime Minister engaged in a significant meeting with Gabriel Escobar, the Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, regarding recent developments in Kosovo. Among the key topics discussed was the regulation of the Central Bank. Prime Minister Kurti emphasized the independence and professionalism of the Central Bank, offering cooperation to address concerns swiftly. Notably, steps have been taken to ensure a smooth transition, particularly considering its impact on the Serbian community in Kosovo. The government pledges to promptly address concerns within its competencies, fostering cooperation and transparency in the process.

President Sandu Extends Best Wishes to Eurovision Contestant Natalia Barbu: President Maia Sandu conveyed her best wishes to artist Natalia Barbu before her departure to Malmö, Sweden, where she will represent the country at the "Eurovision 2024" music contest with her song "In the Middle." Reflecting on Barbu's past success in captivating European audiences with her talent, notably in 2007 with the song "Fight," President Sandu expressed confidence in Barbu's ability to once again leave a lasting impression. With anticipation building for the upcoming semifinals and grand final in May, the nation eagerly awaits Barbu's performance and wishes her luck in the prestigious competition.


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