Man who set himself on fire has fourth-degree burns, in life-threatening condition
The man who set himself on fire outside Government House on Tuesday morning is in a life-threatening condition, with fourth-degree burns to his entire body and the prognosis is bad, the head of Zagreb's Clinical Hospital for Traumatology, Dinko Vidović, said.
World Lupus Day
May 10 worldwide is World Lupus Skin Disease Awareness Day.
A part of the Gjilan Hospital will be used for the construction of the medical school
A part of the General Hospital in Gjilan will be used for the construction of the High School of Medicine, which until now has developed activities in the school of economics of this municipality.
Celebrating World Health Day - Health is a fundamental right of every human being
Health is a fundamental right of every human being, and this year's World Health Day slogan "My health, my right" advocates the right of everyone and everywhere to access quality health services, it was highlighted today at a roundtable at the Health Center of the Sarajevo Canton.
A mother from Podujeva gave birth to quadruplets
In the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, a mother from Podujeva, gave birth to quadruplets.
The association of speech therapists requires a separate chamber for the licensing of speech therapists
The Commission for Health and Social Welfare, together with the Association of Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapy and specialists in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, have discussed their requirements, challenges and achievements.
Minors with alcohol and tobacco in their hands, only two businesses have been fined during a year
The consumption of tobacco and alcohol by minors is considered a worrisome and growing phenomenon, for which attention is being sought from parents and schools, but also from businesses that sell these products. And while the monitoring of businesses that do not respect the law prohibiting the sale of tobacco and alcohol seems to be challenging for the institutions, it is known that during the past year, only two businesses have been fined.
New measles case registered in Moldova
A new measles case was registered in Moldova in a 47-year-old man from Chisinau who has recently returned from abroad.
Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny dies in prison
Navalny lost consciousness after a walk, doctors failed to save his life, says penitentiary service
Magnetic resonance is launched in Prizren Hospital
In the value of almost one million euros, the MRI project was inaugurated in the Regional Hospital of Prizren. This magnetic resonance from today will serve citizens to provide quality services but also to make early diagnosis, which makes recovery faster and prevents fatality, as well as the elimination of long waiting lists.
King Charles diagnosed with cancer, Buckingham Palace says
Palace refrains from specifying type of cancer, but says diagnosis does not pertain to prostate cancer
“Inguinal hernia” and “appendicitis” are the most frequent operations in children
Over a thousand patients were operated at the Children’s Surgery Clinic of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo (UCCK), until November 2023. The most frequent operations at this clinic were those of “inguinal hernia” and “appendicitis”. Meanwhile, in the Children’s Surgery Clinic, about 50 children are operated on during the week, or up to 8 patients on a daily basis.
Are antibiotics the solution to all infections?
The correct use of antibiotics remains a little known topic and there are many misconceptions.
"Promising" vaccine for lowering cholesterol is discovered
An inexpensive vaccine could reduce high cholesterol and the risk of diseases such as heart disease and stroke within 10 years.
Common chemicals in tap water can cause cancer to spread
Common chemicals hidden in tap water and the water used for hundreds of everyday products may cause cancer cells to spread rapidly inside the body, making the disease harder to treat, a new study suggests.
4 ways your body warns that something is wrong with your health
Knowing the symptoms your body is telling you that something is wrong with your health can help you stay on top of potential health problems.
Manzalesti commune, 'blue zone' where locals live 90-100 years
In the commune of Manzalesti, the place where the salt mountain rises, in Tinutul Buzaului, close to the land of the "Living Fire," people tend to reach an age of over 90-100 years, a percentage similar to that of the famous 'blue zones' such as Icaria, in Sardinia, or the Nicoya peninsula, in Costa Rica.
Blind Gdańsk sound recordist named one of the most inspiring women in the world
Izabela Dłużyk was chosen by the BBC for its list of the world’s 100 most influential women, saying: “The field recordist is unusual not just because she is a young woman in a profession dominated by men, but because she has been blind since birth.”
Early symptoms of cancer ignored by women and men
A large number of people ignore the early signs of cancer, complain to non-professionals and go to the doctor only when the matter becomes very serious.
Today is World Diabetes Day, it is also celebrated in Kosovo
In 2007 the General Assembly adopted resolution 61/225 designating November 14 as World Diabetes Day. The resolution also encouraged member states to develop national policies for the prevention, treatment and care of diabetes in line with the sustainable development of their health care systems.
State Secretary Prevolnik Rupel put forward as health minister candidate
Valentina Prevolnik Rupel, a state secretary at the Health Ministry and member of the strategic council for health at the prime minister's office, has been put forward as candidate for health minister, the head of the ruling Freedom Movement deputy group Borut Sajovic announced on Tuesday.
World Anti-Rabies Day
September 28 is the World Day of the fight against Rabies or Hydrophobia.
Race on to save lost kangaroo called Luluś after he was spotted hopping around a ‘wolf forest’
Foresters in Poznań have launched a search and rescue mission to find an escaped kangaroo spotted hopping through woodland that is home to wolves.