Bislimi and Petkovic meet today in Brussels
Kosovo's deputy prime minister and chief negotiator for dialogue with Serbia, Besnik Bislimi, and Serbia's chief negotiator, Petar Petkovic, are expected to meet today in Brussels. Among the topics that the chief negotiators are expected to discuss in the framework of the dialogue on Tuesday, will be the issue of the dinar.
Bulgarian Karlos Nasar Comes Second at EWF's Best Weightlifter of the Year Rankings
Bulgarian athlete Karlos Nasar came second in European Weightlifting Federation's (EWF) Best Weightlifter of the Year awards presented Sunday during the opening ceremony of the European Weightlifting Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria.
War in Ukraine
Four Il-76 airlifters confirmed as destroyed in Russia’s Pskov – Ukrainian intel
Following the overnight drone attack on Russia’s Pskov, four enemy Il-76 strategic and tactical airlifters were destroyed.
Crown Custodian and the Prince Consort arrive in London to attend the Coronation of King Charles
The Custodian of the Crown and the Prince Consort arrived in London, on Thursday afternoon, to take part in the state ceremonies occasioned by the Coronation of the British sovereign.
PM Mitsotakis: Further development of shipbuilding industry one of the great challenges of 'the next day'
Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who on Wednesday visited the "Atlas" shipyard in Perama, one of the 24 shipyards active in the region, underlined the substantial support of the New Democracy government to the country's shipbuilding and repair industry.