Kosovo Today: "Protests Against Kosovo Prosecutor Council Amendments and Police Raids in Veternik"

Kosovo Today: "Protests Against Kosovo Prosecutor Council Amendments and Police Raids in Veternik"


Social Democratic Party Protests Against Amendments to Kosovo's Prosecutor Council Law: The Social Democratic Party (PSD) organized a demonstration outside the Kosovo Assembly to oppose the amendment and supplementation of the Law on the Prosecutor Council of Kosovo. They placed a doll with a photograph of Prime Minister Albin Kurti in front of the Assembly doors, dressed as a prosecutor with the inscription "I want to become a prosecutor."

Zgjim Hyseni from PSD mentioned the government's efforts to influence the selection of the chief prosecutor. He also mentioned the previous attempts by the ruling party, which were rejected by the Constitutional Court. Hyseni stated that today the law is expected to be voted on in principle. He urged the deputies not to vote in favor of this law and called for attention to be paid to this matter. Hyseni noted that to prevent this, they will make efforts to expand the range of organizations and protests, emphasizing clear constitutional violations.

Police Raids Conducted in Veternik Neighborhood of Kosovo: In the "Qëndresa" neighborhood in Veternik, the house of former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commander Sylejman Selimi is being raided. Members of the Kosovo Police's Rapid Reaction Unit are seen near his house. In addition to the action at Sylejman Selimi's house, the Special Police Unit is also conducting raids at the house of Hajredin Kuçi. "CE Reported used KosovaPress in this article"


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