EU foreign policy chief sees no sign Putin willing to end war in Ukraine

EU foreign policy chief sees no sign Putin willing to end war in Ukraine

War in Ukraine

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell has said that he sees no sign that Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to stop the war in Ukraine.

The EU foreign policy chief said this in an interview with The Guardian, Ukrinform reports.

According to Borrell, the European Union's existence is at stake in Ukraine and it is necessary to look at the danger coming from a great power "which threatens our democracy, which threatens Europe itself, not only Ukraine."

"If we don't change course rapidly, if we don't mobilize all our capacities, it will let Putin win the war in Ukraine," Borrell added.

According to him, the EU needs to ask itself what the bloc can do to prevent Russia from winning the war.

"Putin cannot be satisfied with a piece of Ukraine and to let the rest of Ukraine belong to the European Union, but he cannot be satisfied with a limited territorial victory. He will not give up the war, especially not before the American election, which may present him with a much more favorable scenario. So we must prepare for a conflict of high intensity for a long time," Borrell said, adding that Putin has decided to continue the war until the final victory.

At the same time, Borrell said Putin had been wrong about the capacity of his army, the capacity of the Ukrainian resistance, the will of the European Union, and the strength of the transatlantic alliance.

"Russia has never been able to become a nation. It was always an empire with the tsar, with the Soviets, and now with Putin. It is a constant of Russia, and its political identity, and as a result a threat to his neighbors – and particularly to us," the European diplomat said.

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