SBU chief reveals details of two operations to blow up Crimea Bridge

SBU chief reveals details of two operations to blow up Crimea Bridge

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During the first special operation to blow up the bridge across the Kerch Strait in October 2022, the Security Service of Ukraine used a truck carrying 21 tons of hexane, having wrapped the explosives in a film so thick that the scanners at checkpoints could not spot them.

That’s according to the SBU chief, Vasyl Maliuk, who spoke in an interview with NV magazine, the SBU told Ukrinform.

"It was an indescribable feeling. When the explosion happened, we screamed so loudly as the tension inside was huge," said Maliuk, who personally planned and supervised the special operation.

According to the head of the security agency, in order to inconspicuously transport 21 tons of hexane to the bridge, the SBU operatives wrapped the explosives with packaging film, which the shipping papers said the truck was officially transporting.

The Security Service released unique photos showing the preparations for the operation.

In addition, according to Maliuk, the SBU managed to bypass special jammers on the Crimea Bridge that alter GPS coordinates.

"We went through the seven circles of hell, we used so many Russians who remained oblivious!" says the head of the SBU.

He noted that an unnamed operative with the call sign "Hunter" played a major role in organizing the second attack on the Crimea Bridge in July 2023. He put a lot of effort into creating naval drones, which incurred damage to one of the symbols of the Putin regime. The amount of explosives carried by the drones was increased to 850 kg worth of hexane. The drone control system was modernized to create a qualitatively new model of the Avenger. Remotely controlled kamikaze watercraft are made of a unique material that is invisible to enemy radars. Their design provided for three types of control and self-destruction if necessary.

The head of the SBU emphasized that the Crimea Bridge is a legitimate target for Ukraine, and that the Geneva Conventions, which regulate the rules of warfare, contain no ban on attacking such objects.

As reported, there were two explosions on the Crimea Bridge. The first was on October 8, 2022, when the railway track of the bridge was damaged as a result of the blast and several spans of its motorway section were destroyed. The second explosion occurred on July 17.

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