Russian troops deploying 'amoeba' tactics in Ukraine – Estonian general

Russian troops deploying 'amoeba' tactics in Ukraine – Estonian general

War in Ukraine

Russia is using so-called amoeba tactics in Ukraine where, because it doesn't have the strength for a comprehensive breakthrough, smaller forces are testing enemy defenses all along the front line in hopes of finding an opportunity.

That's according to Commander of the Estonian Defense Forces Headquarters Maj. Gen. Enno Mots, Ukrinform reports, citing ERR.

He noted that Russian troops had recently ramped up attacks on Kharkiv, and Moscow propaganda channels are urging it be wiped from the map.

Mots said it is a miracle the city still stands as it lies not far from where the war is being fought. The general described it as an attempt by Russia to widen the front line and force Ukraine to spread out its defenses.

"The Russians are using what we may describe as amoeba tactics. Whether consciously or not, but they lack the strength for a major breakthrough, which sees them test the lines everywhere, with disregard for the lives of their soldiers and their machinery, hoping they might get an opportunity. It is their modus operandi not just on the battlefield, but also globally we might say," Mots said.

He added that the Russian regime also has eyes on Estonia and the other Baltic countries, waiting for an opportunity to stir something up. "That is also what happened in Africa where Russia elbowed its way in, spread its tendrils, while European forces and coalitions eventually pulled out, were pushed out, while the Russians are still there," the general added.

Mots said that while Russia can bomb Kharkiv, it lacks the strength to take the city.

"They might fight their way through the city once, but holding it requires a lot more troops. And that is what the Russians are lacking today. While we can see Russia making more troops for itself – it's a fact that it has more troops in Ukraine today than it did two years ago – their level of training and command is low, somewhere around the squad-company level. They've been trying to combine company-level armored assaults in recent weeks, but we've only seen a few such attempts," the general said.

Photo: Priit Murk/ERR


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