Yermak: Terror against Odesa confirms Russia’s desire to create famine in Global South countries

Yermak: Terror against Odesa confirms Russia’s desire to create famine in Global South countries

War in Ukraine

"The Russian terror against Odesa proves once again that they need hunger and problems in the countries of the Global South. They want to create refugee crisis in the West. Everything is being done to weaken allies and politically interfere in the internal affairs of these countries," Head of the President's Office Andriy Yermak posted on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

At the same time, Yermak emphasized, the Russians use weapons for terror which cannot be manufactured without components produced in the West and in Asian countries.

The Head of the President's Office insists that a systemic response is needed, in particular, it is necessary to strengthen sanctions, including against those who help the Russians to circumvent them.

"We are waiting, our allies are preparing a solution. The McFaul-Yermak Group submitted its proposals," he noted.

Also, according to Yermak, it is also possible to stop the re-export of necessary components for the manufacture of weapons if the responsibility for this is strict.

As noted, the answer to terror is force, and Ukraine needs weapons, aviation, and long-range missiles to knock the Russian Federation out of its territory.

The Ukrainian Peace Formula is the only way to end the war, and the work is ongoing with the countries of the West and the Global South to reach a common understanding of the Formula, Yermak added.

The Head of the President's Office also noted that Russia must become incapable of waging war in the future, and this can be ensured by economic sanctions, while Russian assets should be used to restore Ukraine, generations of Russians will pay for today's evil. "Systematic work will allow us to win," Yermak summed up.

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