Borrell: EU needs to keep unity in supporting Ukraine

Borrell: EU needs to keep unity in supporting Ukraine

War in Ukraine

The European Union has provided Ukraine with the greatest assistance in fighting off Russian aggression and must remain united in such efforts, because key European values are at stake in this struggle.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said this at the EU Ambassadors Conference in Brussels on Monday, November 6, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

"Ukraine loses, we lose. We need to keep our unanimity and our unity in supporting Ukraine. We are the first provider of support to Ukraine. We are, more than the U.S. You know the figures," Borrell said.

According to him, the prospect of membership, the development of sustainable economic and financial assistance programs, military aid through the European Peace Facility and bilateral channels, and the provision of security guarantees are essential components of EU assistance to Ukraine, especially now, when the situation at the front is difficult.

"And this must work for the Ukrainian military offensive, which is facing hurdles, [so that Ukraine can] contain the Russian invasion and recover its territories. Russian losses are very important, but Russia can repower. It's ready to sacrifice even more men and equipment. [...] Before Putin, Stalin believed that quantity in itself is a source of quality, when human life has no meaning and no value," Borrell said.

"What is unbearable for Ukrainians in terms of human cost is maybe bearable for Russians in the short term. So the only solution is to continue supporting Ukraine and remain united on that, because our core values are at stake," he added.

The EU continues to provide Ukraine with substantial political, diplomatic, economic, financial, humanitarian and military assistance in the fight against the Russian invasion. Since February 2022, the EU and its member states have provided more than EUR 82 billion in support to Ukraine.

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