Zelensky says Ukraine approaching moment when counteroffensive can gain pace

Zelensky says Ukraine approaching moment when counteroffensive can gain pace

War in Ukraine

That’s according to President Volodymyr Zelensky, who spoke at the 14th annual Aspen Security Forum via video conference, Ukrinform reports, referring to the President's Office.

"Because we started (the counteroffensive - ed.) a bit later on, it can be said, and it will be the truth understood by all experts, that it has provided Russia with time to mine our lands and build several lines of defense. Definitely, they had more time than they needed. It slowed our counteroffensive. We did not want to lose our vehicles and personnel, and our servicemen did not want to lose their equipment. Still, I would say we’re approaching the moment when our counteroffensive actions can gain pace. Because we are already going through demining these areas," Zelensky said.

Zelensky noted that Ukraine had been planning counteroffensive actions for the spring 2023, but "we did not because frankly we did not have enough munitions and armaments, not enough proper training on these weapons.”

Training missions were ongoing outside Ukraine, Zelensky added, emphasizing that, despite the delay, counteroffensive actions have begun and Ukraine is not backtracking but liberating its territories step by step.

The president also drew attention to the fact that, in order to speed up the advance of the Ukrainian Army, there was not enough demining equipment in place. At the same time, he thanked partners from the U.S. and Europe as it was thanks to them and the resilience of the Ukrainians that the counteroffensive began.

"I understand that it’s always better to see victory come sooner. But let’s not throw people onto the mines and under the tanks, literally. Let us run our counteroffensive as our analysts and intelligence suggest. I believe in our victory!" said Zelensky.

He added that several settlements have already been deoccupied.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, as of June 22, Ukraine deoccupied 14 settlements in Luhansk region.

Photo: Ukrainian President’s Office

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