Budget is extremely tight, we all have to pay taxes to state (central bank's Lazea)

Budget is extremely tight, we all have to pay taxes to state (central bank's Lazea)


All citizens of this country should know that the budget is extremely tight and giving more money to someone means cutting from someone else, the main reason being the fact that budget revenues in Romania are the lowest in Europe, of 27% of GDP, said on Thursday Valentin Lazea, chief economist at the National Bank of Romania (BNR), present at the Annual Conference of the Association of Financial and Banking Analysts from Romania. Cereport reports citing Agerpres

"So, we have 27% [budget revenues] of GDP, an extremely small pie for which extremely many people are fighting. Until we understand that we all have to pay state taxes, because when introduced the single quota, so they said, we make a small single quota, but let everyone pay. Well, the day after the single quota was introduced, the phones started: could you give us, sector x, an exemption, lower tax to sector y etc. So as long as a large part or several parts of the workforce refuse to pay taxes or have exemptions in the sense of not paying taxes, that is the situation. Giving money to teachers or anyone means taking money from someone else. It's that simple. The answer or the solution is again to return to the true, single rate, for everyone to pay their taxes," Valentin Lazea argued.

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