Kuleba reiterates five steps West can take to help Ukraine defeat Russia

Kuleba reiterates five steps West can take to help Ukraine defeat Russia

War in Ukraine

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba called on Western democracies to pace up decision-making to continue supporting Ukraine in the ongoing war against Russia.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba spoke of this in an interview with CNN, Ukrinform reports.

Kuleba said that the five steps he listed, which he expects from the West, in his opinion, would make a lot of sense and help Ukraine defeat Russia.

"During the Cold War, the coalition that outcompeted the Soviet Union and its allies was, by all accounts, much weaker than the coalition that is now helping Ukraine to defeat Russian aggression," the minister explained.

According to him, the combined GDP of Ukraine and its allies is 21 times higher than that of Russia and its “very few allies”, so there are sufficient resources to provide Ukraine with the help that Kyiv is requesting.

"All the West has to do is to start believing in itself, in its capacity to prevail. And, of course, time matters – we cannot sit and wait and follow endless discussions on this matter," Kuleba emphasized.

The foreign minister said that the West had demonstrated its ability to protect democracy, and called on Western allies to step up and speed up efforts to provide assistance to Ukraine and take relevant decisions that are pending.

It should be recalled that on January 2, Kuleba published a list of five steps that the West should take to respond to Russia’s aggression on the X social network after another massive attack by the Russian Federation, in particular: speed up the supply of additional air defense systems and ammunition to Ukraine; provide Ukraine with combat drones of all types; donate missiles with a range of more than 300 km; approve the use of frozen Russian assets for assisting Ukraine; and isolate Russian diplomats in the relevant capitals and international organizations.

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