Ukrainian forces train in Northern operational zone to improve combat tactics

Ukrainian forces train in Northern operational zone to improve combat tactics

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That’s according to the Joint Forces Command, reports Ukrinform.

"In order to win, heroism and bravery alone are not enough. Effective execution of combat missions requires thorough planning, understanding of the objective of the battle and ways to achieve it, as well as clear interaction between each soldier. This is the philosophy of combat performance that we are implementing in the units operating in the Northern operational zone," said JF Commander Serhiy Nayev.

According to the commander, "champions of the systemic approach are soldiers who’ve gone through the crucible of battles in the east and south of Ukraine where they gained experience, often risking their lives and health.”

"Losing their comrades-in-arms on the battlefield, they practically saw the existing problems and came up with several (new - ed.) methods that really work, including behavior in their positions and countering the subversive and reconnaissance groups. Our instructors teach soldiers specific things that help them not only complete the tasks assigned but also to survive. "Such advice motivates military personnel who are in training. And it’s motivated people that make up an effective unit," Nayev emphasized.

According to the commander, the Ukrainian Army needs to get rid of Soviet methods of combat performance as soon as possible as they have long proved morally and practically obsolete.

During the working trip, Nayev highly praised the training sessions based on new methods.

According to the exercise legend, the conditional enemy captured part of the trenches, and the countersabotage reserve advanced to the area where the enemy intended to gain a foothold. They knocked out the enemy from positions, eliminated enemy forces, captured prisoners, and provided aid to the wounded – that is, performed a number of standard procedures.

"It was a pleasure to watch how professionally and skillfully these protocols were run. The training really came in handy," the commander noted.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, referring to Commander Nayev, the effective operation of the 155 mm Bohdan self-propelled howitzers is a step toward the Ukrainian Army’s transition to the unified NATO standards.

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