Ukraine's Army of Drones hits record number of enemy guns last week

Ukraine's Army of Drones hits record number of enemy guns last week

War in Ukraine

The strike units of Ukraine's Army of Drones hit 205 pieces of Russian military equipment, including 64 guns, during September 18-25.

That's according to Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Development of Education, Science and Technology and Minister of Digital Transformation, Ukrinform reports.

"Our soldiers continue to hit the guns that prevent them from moving forward. We have a new record — minus 64 Russian guns," he wrote.

In total, Ukrainian soldiers hit 205 pieces of enemy equipment in the past week, including 27 Russian tanks, 55 trucks, 38 armored combat vehicles, and 3 pieces of radio equipment.

Ukrainian defenders also neutralized 68 Russian troops.

"Powerful results. We are strengthening the defense forces with drones across the entire front line and we thank them for the protection," Fedorov added.

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