Kostin: More than 50 Russian servicemen sentenced in Ukrainian courts

Kostin: More than 50 Russian servicemen sentenced in Ukrainian courts

War in Ukraine

"War crimes are massive and diverse. The biggest challenges are precisely the investigation into these crimes since we are dealing with a large number. And we already have results in this area," said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Kostin, the Prosecutor General's Office posted on Telegram.

According to him, more than 50 servicemen of the Russian Federation have already received sentences in Ukrainian courts. This became possible, in particular, thanks to the great support from international partners.

"Someone may say that this is not much. When I talk to international partners, they are surprised by this and say: ‘It is unprecedented that you document all these crimes during the war. In turn, we answer: ‘Yes, we document everything with your help, but we also investigate these crimes, submit cases to courts, and have sentences. Because people cannot wait for justice unclear for how long’," Kostin said.

As reported, more than 95,000 war crimes were documented as of July 15. In total, 368 persons were served with notices of suspicion, 219 indictments were sent to court. Fifty-three people were convicted.

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