40% of news originating from Azerbaijan worldwide credited to Trend News Agency - int'l report (PHOTO)

40% of news originating from Azerbaijan worldwide credited to Trend News Agency - int'l report (PHOTO)


The latest "Azerbaijan - Insight Report" released by consultancy firm Evolution Consulting in October 2023, has identified Trend News Agency as a primary channel through which news from Azerbaijan reaches the international audience.

This development marks a significant milestone for the Azerbaijani media company and highlights its role in global news dissemination.

The report also indicates that Azerbaijan was featured in 75,800 media mentions globally, achieving a potential reach of 167.1 billion. The Trend News Agency's contributions were significant in driving these media mentions, playing a crucial role in bringing Azerbaijani perspectives to a global audience.

Azerbaijan's media visibility peaked notably on October 5, 2023, with a reach of 14.6 billion. The sentiment analysis presented a complex picture, combining positive and negative elements. Positive aspects included Azerbaijan's oil and gas industry presence. Conversely, ongoing conflicts and humanitarian issues were noted as negative sentiment drivers.

The United States was the leading country as a source of mentions, which might point to Azerbaijan's significance in international media narratives. The Trend News Agency's efforts in disseminating Azerbaijani news were pivotal in this context.

Key articles focusing on Azerbaijan's strategic and geopolitical dynamics attracted considerable attention. The Trend News Agency, alongside other local media, played a significant role in these discussions, shaping the international narrative about Azerbaijan.

The reach of Azerbaijani news was notably prominent on Facebook, which was Azerbaijan’s most popular social media platform with 2.1 million shares.

The report by Evolution Consulting provides insights on Azerbaijan’s presence in global media and social media for October, 2023. The report includes analysis, top trending topics, and other relevant insights related to the country’s media and social media exposure.

Evolution Consulting is a global consultancy firm based in Switzerland, specialized in stakeholder intelligence and reputation management services, with research experience spanning over 40 countries worldwide.

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