Ukrainian F-16 photo getting on Russia’s nerves

Ukrainian F-16 photo getting on Russia’s nerves

War in Ukraine

He expressed the opinion on the air of the national telethon, Ukrinform reports.

"Of course, the F-16s, when delivered to Ukraine, will become a sweet target for the invaders. Therefore, we must do everything so that the infrastructure that is being prepared – and believe me, it is – gets properly adapted. Because making it proper is not too simple of a process, especially when we are under daily attacks. That is why infrastructure is being adapted, pilots are being trained. You saw the interview, our Phantom guy, and that interesting photo he made where the markings are visible. Some discuss whether they are real or not. Let's see what the Russians are saying – and we see them saying things – and let them be a little nervous," Ihnat said.

He noted that the F-16 aircraft that will be donated to Ukraine "will be Ukrainian aircraft, they are already Ukrainian, already with the actual insignia, tridents, circles, and tail numbers."

When asked by the journalist whether he confirms that the livery and markings on the plane seen in the photo is in line with Ukrainian standards, he replied: "I’d like to leave it to the discretion of the Russian audience."

As reported, on February 9, Voice of America posted an interview with Air Force Air Force pilot callsign Phantom. The piece was illustrated with a photo of an F-16 fighter jet.

Photo: Ukrainian war pilot callsign Phantom / Voice of America


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