Central European Midday Report: "Gambling Regulation Debates Spark Controversy in Bulgarian Parliament"

Central European Midday Report: "Gambling Regulation Debates Spark Controversy in Bulgarian Parliament"


Bulgarian Parliament Rejects Proposed Amendments to Gambling Law: In a recent session, the Bulgarian Parliament voted against proposed changes to the Gambling Law aimed at curbing the adverse effects of gambling. Spearheaded by Kostadin Kostadinov and a group of MPs, the amendments sought to restrict gambling advertisements and enhance oversight to mitigate addiction. Despite intentions to minimize social harm, the bill was rejected with 67 votes in favor, 29 against, and 79 abstentions. Critics argue that stricter regulations are imperative, citing concerns over the escalation of dependency leading to detrimental societal impacts.

Controversy Surrounds Taxation and Regulation of Gambling in Bulgaria: Debates in the Bulgarian Parliament intensify as discussions on gambling regulations and taxation continue to divide opinions. While some advocate for a complete ban on gambling, others emphasize the need for comprehensive reforms. Rumen Gechev of "BSP for Bulgaria" advocates for stricter taxation and advertising restrictions to address the aggressive promotion of gambling, particularly targeting vulnerable demographics. Meanwhile, Grozdan Karadzhov of "There Is Such a People" (ITN) criticizes recent changes in taxation policy, highlighting discrepancies in taxing profits from land-based gambling. As the discourse unfolds, stakeholders grapple with finding a balanced approach to regulate this contentious industry.


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