Central European Midday Report: "Bulgarian Parliament Passes Controversial Amendments as Moldova Pledges Support for Ukrainian Reconstruction"

Central European Midday Report: "Bulgarian Parliament Passes Controversial Amendments as Moldova Pledges Support for Ukrainian Reconstruction"


Bulgarian Parliament Passes Amendments to National Bank Law Amid Controversy: The Bulgarian Parliament recently approved amendments to the Law on the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), eliciting both support and criticism from various political factions. The amendments grant the acting Prime Minister the authority to suspend their powers for the duration of their appointment, allowing them to resume their mandate after relinquishing the interim role. Introduced by the GERB-SDS and DPS parties, the bill faced scrutiny for its expedited process, with opponents arguing that it was rushed through the legal committee without proper discussion.

Key provisions of the amendments extend beyond the BNB, affecting laws governing the National Audit Office and the Ombudsman. Notably, when officials such as the BNB governor or the President of the National Audit Office assume the role of acting Prime Minister, deputies or deputies' deputies are appointed to execute their powers in their absence. Critics questioned the legality and necessity of such provisions, with some suggesting that the amendments undermine the stability of crucial institutions.

While proponents argue that the changes provide flexibility in governance, opposition figures like Tosko Yordanov from "There is Such a People" (ITN) and Cornelia Ninova from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) contend that they introduce new errors and weaken state institutions. Despite dissenting voices, the amendments were passed, marking a significant shift in Bulgaria's political and institutional landscape.

Republic of Moldova Pledges Support for Ukrainian Reconstruction Efforts in Meeting with US Representative: In a recent meeting between Prime Minister Dorin Recean of the Republic of Moldova and Penny Pritzker, the Special Representative of the United States of America for the Reconstruction of the Ukrainian Economy, discussions centered on Moldova's commitment to aiding Ukraine's reconstruction efforts. Prime Minister Recean expressed appreciation for American support, emphasizing its significance in enhancing regional security.

Highlighting Moldova's readiness to contribute to Ukraine's reconstruction, Prime Minister Recean outlined plans to focus on infrastructure development, energy projects, and business initiatives aimed at benefiting both nations. Notably, Moldova aims to attract investments, particularly in sectors such as green energy, pharmaceuticals, information technology, electronics, and automotive industries.

Penny Pritzker reaffirmed the United States' commitment to supporting Moldova in modernization endeavors, enhancing connectivity, attracting investments, and aligning with the European agenda. The meeting underscored the collaborative efforts between Moldova and the United States in fostering regional stability and prosperity, particularly in the context of Ukraine's post-conflict reconstruction.


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