Central European Evening Report: "Current Trends in Croatia: Political Legacies and Economic Shifts"

Central European Evening Report: "Current Trends in Croatia: Political Legacies and Economic Shifts"

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Familial Ties in Croatian Politics: Legacy and Continuity: The landscape of Croatian politics has often been intertwined with familial connections, showcasing a blend of tradition and continuity in governance. Over the past three decades, the Croatian Parliament has seen the emergence of several familial 'pairs', exemplifying the close-knit nature of political circles.

One such example is the Puljak couple, Marijana and Ivica, who recently secured seats in the new composition of the Croatian Parliament. However, they are not the first spouses to share this political platform. In 2020, the parliamentary couple Raspudić, Marija Selak Raspudić, and Nino Raspudić, entered the political arena. Their presence is set to continue as they gear up for re-election in the upcoming April 17th elections.

Moreover, familial connections extend beyond spouses, as seen with Lana Pavić, a distant cousin of Marijana Puljak, who may also join the parliamentary ranks. Reflecting on past instances, the mid-90s witnessed the Aras couple, Tereza Ganza Aras, and Davor Aras, representing different parties within the County Assembly.

These instances underscore a trend where familial bonds intersect with political participation, shaping the fabric of Croatian governance over time.

Price Dynamics Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages on the Rise in Croatia: The cost of essential commodities, particularly food and non-alcoholic beverages, has experienced a notable uptick in Croatia. According to recent data released by the state statistical office, prices in March surged by 0.9 percent compared to the previous summer. Furthermore, the cumulative increase over the first three months of the year amounted to two percent.

This announcement follows the decision to halt the physical price survey of foods within the basket of 15 basic food groups by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Food in January. The move, made in collaboration with representatives of participating retailers, reflects an evolving approach to monitoring price dynamics.

State Secretary Eva Knez reiterated the ministry's commitment to promoting locally produced food as a priority task. However, the latest figures signal a broader trend of rising costs, prompting a closer examination of factors influencing consumer prices in Croatia's economic landscape.


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