Defense forces going on offensive on southern, northern flanks of Bakhmut

Defense forces going on offensive on southern, northern flanks of Bakhmut

War in Ukraine

"There is no intensive urban warfare in Bakhmut. Our sniper groups and some other units operate there, which will be discussed later. Such a massive offensive continues on the southern and northern flanks around the city. And we have advanced there," Serhiy Cherevaty, spokesman for the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said during the United News telethon, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

According to him, the details will be made public only when the Ukrainian defense forces analyze the situation and gain a foothold. If earlier the enemy used tactics of "meat assaults", unusual for the 21st century, now Ukraine has managed to seize the initiative on the battlefield and forced the Russian invaders to withdraw some of their units and leave.

"The enemy attacked us for ten months, now we are pressing the enemy, but we are pressing with completely opposite tactics. We use the achievements of modern world science, we use unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance, high-precision systems that we have to destroy the enemy, break through minefields, and also train personnel as much as possible before that. And we are moving forward step by step, without urgent actions which could lead to large personnel losses. In principle, we carry out the tasks that have been set to put pressure on the enemy," the spokesman said.

He also commented on the situation regarding prisoners of war. During the week, the Ukrainian defense forces took many captives, including members of the regular army, fighters of private companies, veterans, people with criminal record. As evidenced by the interrogations, there were no highly motivated people among them, they usually went to fight for money.

At the same time, Cherevaty noted that the Russians retain their combat capability and ability to attack the Ukrainian positions.

As reported, on June 30, Cherevaty stated that 10 combat engagements took place in Bakhmut direction, more than 100 invaders were decimated, and three combat engagements took place in Lyman–Kupyansk direction with 22 invaders eliminated.

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