Ukraine implements recommendations as quickly as possible to start accession talks with EU – Zelensky

Ukraine implements recommendations as quickly as possible to start accession talks with EU – Zelensky


Ukraine has been implementing the seven recommendations of the European Commission as quickly as possible to enable a political decision to open accession talks with the European Union as soon as this year.

The relevant statement was made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his online speech at the meeting of the College of the European Commission, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“The key political thing is that we want no trace of the grey geopolitical zone to remain. Ukraine has been implementing the seven recommendations of the European Commission as quickly as possible to enable a political decision to open accession negotiations already this year. We have done a lot, and I would say – much more than could be expected from a country that has been subjected to full-scale aggression. But Ukraine is not asking for political discounts – we demonstrate the necessary political pace. We share the approach that decisions should be based on the individual achievements of countries that seek to become members of the European Union,” Zelensky said.

In particular, the Head of State outlined Ukraine’s progress in implementing the aforementioned seven recommendations.

Firstly, Zelensky spoke of constitutional justice reform.

“We have adopted and started implementing the law on the selection of judges of the Constitutional Court, which is in line with the conclusions of the Venice Commission. We already have a group of experts who will evaluate the candidates – three experts were appointed based on proposals from our international partners as a guarantee of transparency and fairness in the selection of judges. And we are launching the competition,” the President of Ukraine told.

Secondly, Ukraine’s reform of the High Council of Justice and the High Qualification Commission of Judges. In this context, Zelensky mentioned that the reboot of these key bodies had launched the process of renewing the entire judicial system of Ukraine.

Thirdly, the Head of State noted Ukraine’s anti-corruption efforts, namely the adoption of a law to restore e-declarations of officials and their verification during martial law.

“The e-declarations must be public. The state anti-corruption program has been approved. And we are strengthening the existing anti-corruption architecture,” Zelensky stressed.

Fourthly, Zelensky spoke of bringing Ukrainian legislation in compliance with the FATF requirements. In this context, he emphasized the adoption of the law on politically exposed persons.

Fifthly, the President of Ukraine mentioned the efforts to protect society and the state from misuse instigated by oligarchs. In this regard, important antitrust legislation has been adopted.

Sixthly, Ukrainian media legislation has been brought in line with EU standards.

Seventhly, President Zelensky noted Ukraine’s efforts to affirm the protection of the rights of national communities.
“Respective legislative changes have already been adopted, including the law on national minorities. A clear vision of the next steps in the educational sector has been developed as well. There is also a state target program called Unity in Diversity. All of this opens-up new and broader opportunities for national communities. Together with community representatives, we will ensure compliance with the highest international standards in this area,” the Head of State stressed.

According to Zelensky, Ukraine’s top priority is to be ready for a political decision to start negotiations on EU membership as soon as this year.

“And I hope it is the same for the European Union. We have laid a solid basis for this. The goal now is very special. If we can get rid of grey geopolitical zones, we must do it,” the President of Ukraine concluded.


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