Temporary unit of BiH AF continues assisting in mitigating the consequences of floods in Slovenia

Temporary unit of BiH AF continues assisting in mitigating the consequences of floods in Slovenia

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The temporary unit of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has been engaged since August 14 in the humanitarian mission of providing assistance to the civil authorities of the Republic of Slovenia, continued its activities on the rehabilitation of the Meža River bed in the region of the municipality of Prevalje.

The members of the temporary unit of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, led by Lieutenant Nemanja Avram, are actively transferring their rich experience in performing engineering works to representatives of the local community and other participants in the humanitarian operation to prevent, eliminate, mitigate and rehabilitate the consequences of floods in the threatened area, it was announced today from the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the recent catastrophic floods that hit the Republic of Slovenia, the river overflowed and agricultural land was flooded at the Poljane location in the Prevalje municipality, and favorable weather conditions provided working conditions for members of all contingents participating in the humanitarian mission in the threatened area.

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