Training of Ukrainian military in Czech Republic extended for next year

Training of Ukrainian military in Czech Republic extended for next year

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The Czech Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of parliament) has approved the Czech government's proposal to continue training Ukrainian military in the country next year.

This was reported by Radio Prague International, according to Ukrinform,

If the government's proposal is approved, it will allow not only Ukrainian troops, but also those from EU and NATO countries to stay in the Czech Republic. Instructors from NATO member states will also be able to train Ukrainian troops in the Czech Republic.

The condition for continuing the training is that the number of foreign military personnel in the country does not exceed 800, as it was last year.

It is noted that 129 out of 150 deputies voted in favor of continuing the training of Ukrainian military in the Czech Republic, while at least 101 votes were needed to approve the decision. The head of the parliamentary opposition movement 'Freedom and Direct Democracy', Radim Fiala, along with ten members of his party, unsuccessfully tried to reject the continuation of military exercises.

Defense Minister Jana Černochová told politicians that about 3,500 Ukrainian soldiers have already been trained in the Czech Republic, and another 500 have been trained by Czech instructors in Poland.

As reported by Ukrinform, on November 8, the Czech Senate (the upper house of parliament) extended the mandate to train Ukrainian military personnel until the end of 2024.


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