No signal in flooded Oleshky. Fate of hundreds of people unknown

No signal in flooded Oleshky. Fate of hundreds of people unknown

War in Ukraine

As Tetiana Hasanenko, head of the Oleshky Town Military Administration, told an Ukrinform correspondent, the occupation authorities launched several boats and started to remove people from the roofs.

"It is not many [such cases], it is not massive because people continue to cry for help. They [Russians] launched two boats and pick up two or three people, bring them to areas where water level is up to their chests, and push them out of the boat to go on foot further. And people go towards Zhytloselyshe area... And they get there on foot, wet, barefoot," Hasanenko says.

She notes that local residents actually help each other in the dry areas. People organized themselves – they prepare food for those removed from the roofs, who have lost everything, who have no clothes, water, or food. Although those who prepare food themselves actually have nothing, but they share.

"It's just a humanitarian disaster there," Hasanenko stresses.

According to her, people make lists to determine who is missing and who escaped, because the fate of many community residents is unknown as there is no signal. No one takes out the dead, and someone could escape accidentally. The fate of about two hundred people, who were taken by buses by the occupation authorities to Zaliznyi Port town the day before, is also unknown. It is not even known whether this is the correct number or not because there is no connection with those who were taken away.

In turn, Oleshky Mayor Yevhen Ryschuk says that the water level drops little by little, the situation in the community's settlements is different, but there is practically no signal. He also notes that the Russians have only recently started removing people from the roofs by several boats.

As reported, the Russian troops blew up the Kakhovka HPP on June 6.

Occupied and flooded Oleshky community in Kherson region experiences a humanitarian disaster. Water and food are needed, people are still sitting on the roofs, there is a problem with the dead bodies because the cemetery is flooded, and the morgue has no electricity.

Calls for help and evacuation continue to come from Hola Prystan community of Kherson region, occupied by the Russian Federation, but the number of calls is decreasing because the phones are running low.

During the night, the water on the right bank of Kherson region fell by 20 cm but it still remains at the mark of 5.38 m. As of this morning, almost 2,500 people have been evacuated from the region.

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