Guinness Book of Records entry attempt with world's longest Romanian traditional waist belt

Guinness Book of Records entry attempt with world's longest Romanian traditional waist belt


The 'Dumitru Dorin Prunariu' Romanian-Moldo-German Cultural Center in Nuremberg - Germany launched on Monday a project for the crafting of the world's longest Romanian traditional waist belt, in an attempt to earn a spot in the Guinness Book of Records, and called on Romanians to join the initiative by sewing belts with models of their choice. CE Report quoting Agerpres

"Today we are launching the project for the world's longest Romanian traditional waist belt, and we hope that as many Romanians as possible will join us by sewing such a piece of garment with a pattern that they are free to choose for themselves. The initiative to make it to the Book of Records with the world's longest Romanian waist belt belongs to Daniela Lostun, who will coordinate the project together with our center's Galina Condrea," coordinator of the Dacia e.V. Association in Germany and of the Romanian-Moldo-German Cultural Center in Nuremberg Ionela van Rees-Zota told AGERPRES on Monday.

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