Sweden announces EUR 1.3B military aid package for Ukraine

Sweden announces EUR 1.3B military aid package for Ukraine

War in Ukraine

The Swedish government will provide Ukraine with a new military aid package worth SEK 13.3 billion (EUR 1.16 billion).

Sweden's Defense Minister Pal Jonson announced this on the social media platform X, Ukrinform reports.

"Sweden will donate a new military capability to strengthen Ukraine's air defense. Package 16 will be the largest Swedish military aid package yet at EUR 1.16 billion," the minister said.

He added that Sweden would donate Airborne Surveillance and Control aircraft (ASC 890) to Ukraine.

"ASC 890 will provide Ukraine with a new capability against both airborne and maritime targets. Ukraine's capability to identify targets at long range will be strengthened. They will act as a force multiplier with the introduction of F-16. AMRAAMs will also be donated," Jonson said.

According to him, Sweden will also donate its entire stock of armored tracked personnel carriers (PBV 302) to support the reconstruction of new Ukrainian brigades.

"Sweden will also donate artillery ammunition and resources for maintenance of previously donated materiel. Sweden will also deliver surplus tank vehicles from the armed forces, maintenance of previously donated Swedish materiel, financial support to capability coalitions and to funds and temporary initiatives to enable swift and large-scale procurement of materiel to Ukraine," the minister said.

Jonson added that the Swedish Defense Research Agency would also be tasked with supporting Ukraine in establishing its own defense research institute.

"Furthermore, Ukraine's command and control capability will be strengthened in the package through a donation of terminals with subscriptions for satellite communications," he said.

Earlier reports said that the Swedish government would provide Ukraine with military support worth SKK 25 billion ($2.3 billion) annually under a new three-year framework.

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