U.S. announces $200M in military aid for Ukraine

U.S. announces $200M in military aid for Ukraine

War in Ukraine

Washington has announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, valued at $200 million.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said this at the beginning of the 16th meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in Brussels on Wednesday, October 11, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

"I am proud that the United States has just announced its latest security assistance package for Ukraine, valued at $200 million," Austin said.

He noted that the package includes AIM-9M munitions for a new air defense system that the United States will soon deliver to Ukraine, as well as artillery and rocket ammunition, precision aerial munitions, anti-tank weapons, and equipment to counter Russian drones.

Austin added that this puts America's total commitment at some $43.9 billion since the start of Putin's war.

He also noted that a coalition of some 50 nations from around the world had rallied to commit more than $33 billion in security assistance to Ukraine. At the same time, he noted that more than a dozen of allies have committed more to Ukraine than the United States as a percentage of their GDP.

Austin said that the Contact Group met today "to meet Ukraine's most urgent needs — especially for air defense and ammunition."

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